First Time Shooting

Please do not read this post as a learning tool to shoot a gun. It is for entertainment purposes.


This past weekend, my brother taught me how to shoot. No, not a basketball. He taught me how to shoot a .45 handgun. Now, the last time I even touched a gun was when I was in my early teens and it was a BB gun. I didn’t expect it to be extremely difficult. All you had to do was point and shoot, right? Not quite.

Something you should know about Jared is that he was in the National Guard, so he’s had a little experience with these sorts of things. Before even showing me how to put bullets in the magazine, we had to put up the target. By we, I actually mean Jared.


Our location of choice: My grandma’s pasture. Perfect spot considering there weren’t other people milling about. Perfect considering I was new to shooting.

After setting up the target, my brother shows me all the safety precautions to the gun, how to load it, and so on. Let me tell you that loading it is not like the movies. First you have to load the magazine with bullets. I used to think they just came like that. Lesson learned! Jared tells me that loading the bullets in the magazine continually grows tougher the more bullets you put in. With these guns, they hold six. After pushing one bullet on top of the other, I find it difficult to slide the last one in. If my brother hadn’t been there, I would’ve only shot five bullets.

As for safety, I have to make sure that I’m wearing ear and eye protection. When talking to Jared, I feel like I’m yelling… and I’m pretty sure I was. He also went through gun safety. One of the most important rules he emphasized: point the gun away from him as well as myself.


Next it’s my turn. After watching Jared, it looked simple. Stance shoulder-width apart, hands in the correct position, and make sure you don’t step in cow pies.

Check, check, and… check. Almost didn’t complete that last check.

My first time up and I’m shaking. Literally. My hands won’t stop moving and my heart beat is going at a higher rate. I didn’t think I would be that nervous to shoot, but I am. After watching my brother, it didn’t look difficult. I get in my stance, aim, shake a little more, and pull the trigger. I wasn’t prepared for the gun to pull back that much! It recoils and my left hand flies off the handle. I keep a hold on it with my right hand. The next five shots are similar to the first. I take my sweet time in between each pull of the trigger.

When aiming, I have to make sure that the white dot on the gun is in between the two brackets. It also helps that the white dot is aimed at the target for an obvious purpose.

When I run out of bullets, Jared and I mosey down to the target to take a look. Since he shot before me, we weren’t sure whose bullet holes were whose.

“I think you hit all six of them,” he says. I smile. He’s not done, “I’m not sure how since you were shaking so much.”

Thanks. Although to tell the truth, I’m not sure myself.

Now that I have how it feels to shoot a gun down, I try to relax a little more. Jared reiterates how to place my left hand on the gun so that it doesn’t fly off. He also mentions that I’m leaning back rather than standing in a more comfortable position.

In fact, he tells me to walk and keep my stance. The stance with my shoulders back and legs straight. Let me tell you this: it’s not comfortable. To put it bluntly, the way I was walking made me look like I was constipated. He tells me to walk so that I can get a feel of what it would really be like to use a gun on the move. It also helps sort out what my stance should be when I am immobile. On that note, I bend my knees a little (I wanted to go down further since I’m used to a basketball stance) and keep my shoulders more relaxed. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t relax my arms as I continued to shoot.

Since Jared wouldn’t load the gun for me all the time, I had to learn how to load it. So I pick it up…

Slide the magazine in…

Turn off the safety and shoot…

Although I was still tense, I got used to shooting. The kick of the gun every time I shot continued to surprise me. Don’t believe everything in the movies! It was definitely a fun experience and something I would like to try again. However, Jared said next time I have to buy the bullets.